von Michl Kraeftner am 15.2.2011

was zum Schauen und Sparen für 2011:

Erste Infos über den neuen Superschuh. Der neue Scarpa Alien 1,0- sieht geil aus, ist super leicht und SAUTEUER!!

All you rando or ski mountaineering racers will be excited by the new Scarpa Alien 1.0 unveiled at ISPO. An ultra racing boot, the Alien 1.0 weighs just 680 grams.

Scarpa’s Carbon Core Technology gives the racing boot a lightweight shell with carbon fiber extending into the foot for extra rigidity that you can’t get with plastic alone. The overlap system in the Intuition liner provides maximum comfort for your foot and ankle.

With no tongue or buckles, the Alien 1.0 uses the Boa closure system to secure your foot and give you micro fit adjustability. A flap protects your instep from the snow while a gaiter accessory will be available for maximum water resistance. The Alien 1.0 uses the same aluminum rear lever closed with Kevlar cord as seen in the F1 CARBON.

The Scarpa Alien 1.0 will retail for around $1600 and be available starting October 2011.


Scarpa auf der ISPO 2011:

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